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October 23rd
12:30 AM

Fear Itself Ending

Okay, so supposedly the Fear Itself event is over (let’s not count the Fearless Saga nor the dot one, two and three because those are just basically aftermath issues, right?), Thor is (once again) dead (how many time have I had this deja vu?) and the Earth is gonna start its reconstruction from scratch as it does at the end of every major event. So my question is: did anyone like this event at all? 

I seriously didn’t like it, the end issues was completely over shadowed by DC’s new 52, the plot was a cliche and the long awaited Mighty were a complete turn off: Wolverine looked like a hedgehog, Doctor Strange’s staff reminded me of the one CardCaptor Sakura had, I can’t even begin to discuss about why the Cap can hold the Mjordin (even though as someone told me he has done it before.

So, please, give me your honest opinion and I beg of you, prove me wrong!